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What you’ll learn from
“Computer Chaos Control” – Did you know:

  • In February, 2009, Google admitted their “labels” filing system wasn’t the best way to file? Page 11.
  • There are handy, 2-page, quick-reference guides to your Windows computer OS available online for free? Page 23.
  • It’s easy to sync all your folder categories in multiple programs? Page 24.
  • Many popular backup programs won’t backup files if they’re not included in ONE specific folder? Page 30.
  • You can create folders in both your internet bookmarks toolbar and your Start Menu? Pages 39 & 48.
  • There’s a free program that allows you to safely and securely store all your internet bookmarks online, so you can access them from any computer at any time? Page 41.
  • There’s a free program that records music, talk radio, or any audio that emanates from the internet? Page 41.
  • You can have as many internet browser “home pages” as you want, so that multiple websites open when you go to the internet? Page 42.
  • Storing your photos by year, then month, is the most effective way for your memory to quickly find files? Page 50.
  • You can save files you download so that you’ll always know where they are, just by looking at your Start Menu? Page 53.
  • There’s a free program that in seconds converts Apple files to Windows Media format and vice versa, for easy use of files on different media playes (ipod, psp, etc.)? Page 54.
  • A free program is available that locks any folder on your computer (or hides a folder and all its contents) with a couple of mouse clicks, with Military-grade 256-bit AES algorithm? Page 58.
  • There’s a service that will store all your critical documents for you, send you reminders when your licenses or credit cards expire, and even fax or email medical info 24/7 to healthcare providers in an emergency, all for $2/month? Page 59.
  • A hard-drive can keep functioning after being set on fire, dunked underwater, dropped, and crushed? See the video linked on page 61.

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