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John Gordon Cini
The Technology Doctor John Cini, The Technology Doctor

About John:
After two years in the Army, getting a real estate license and selling no houses, and a year as Systems Manager for a Chrysler dealership, I decided to dive into the world of running my own business, where I’ve worked full-time since 1990.

John has always been about technology. After a computer initiation on an Atari 800 in high school, he proudly remembers buying his first PC – which he was required to do for entrance into Virginia Tech Engineering – with a real “floppy” floppy drive, no hard disk, and a monochrome-orange screen, for just over $4000.

While there at VA Tech, he wrote for the university newspaper’s sports page and spent a ridiculous amount of time learning about computers.

He was a computer programmer at the US Bureau of the Census in the mid-1980s when Microsoft Windows was first released, brilliantly asking, “Who needs this ‘MS-DOS’ when IBM makes the computer and we have IBM’s ‘PC-DOS’?

Also at Census, he was assistant programmer for data collection software for the 1985 Census of Agriculture, and collaborated on the 1986 Computer Usage Survey, published in an early computer industry magazine.

From there John did two years in the Army, then got his real estate license and sold no houses, and after a year as Systems Manager for a Chrysler dealership, he decided to dive into the world of marketing.  In the 1990s and 2000s, he built a direct marketing business that generated $20 million in revenue.

For 15 years, while running his marketing business, he was the author of “Gray Matter,” a marketing newsletter with more than a thousand subscribers.

In 2002, John wrote his first book, “Internet Shopping Basics.”  Today he writes for 3 different blogs, with subjects on marketing, ecommerce, and current events.

With the advent of the new millennium, John is ultimately all about the Internet and helping others integrate it in their lives.  “With the web, anyone can live anywhere, find out anything anytime, and be any person they wish. This is truly an amazing time in history.”

John on “Computer Chaos Control”:
“I’ve spent much of the last two decades studying computer layout and systems, and for my own productivity, trying to figure out how to arrange my digital filing cabinet so I can find files fast. There’s no other system available today like what you’ll find in this book.  I think it’s worth hundreds of hours in time-savings to anyone who implements it.  And you won’t have to spend a penny more to get everything in place to create years of efficiency and peace of mind.  Within a couple hours of understanding our system, you can be done setting up your computer for optimal organization and prepare for the digital tsunami that is about to overwhelm us.”